Somalia Suffers from Severe Drought


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We think that education is best way to help Immigrant women & Children.
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Internally Displaced Women

Internally displaced women account the most vulnerable portion of the society. They often, unlike men, find themselves with the burden of providing for their families whose men often have either died or injured, enrolled in militancy roles in the civil war or might have immigrated elsewhere. In this context of

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Educating Women

Educating women and girls, is the most important empowerment tool on disposal for any Policy making body in the whole world. The world is saturated with stories of a successful ‘’educate women’’ programs whose outcomes translated into growth of economic and social benefits. Well-researched studies have regularly shown that educating

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Integrating Women

Integrating immigrant women in the socio-economic fabric of their new host communities does reflect on the country’s socio-economic development, improves assimilation and circumvents security and political volatilises. In short, integration immigrant women with their all their important social roles do positively impact on the social and economic development. Therefore,

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Our projects

A container from Stevns to Puntland, Somalia

A sample of the people who have stood for the packing of used clothes and camping equipment for the Somali refugee women. The Somali IUP members live in Copenhagen and are very grateful and happy for the help that stevnsboers have provided for Somalia. Zainab Hudeidi founder and director of

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Somali Danish community discusses how to fight radicalization and terrorism Hosted by IWA

The Somali Danish community discusses  how the community can fight radicalization and terrorism as well as  other problems that the community is facing such as education, crime, unemployment, homelessness, integration and media representation.

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Vocational Training For youth in Badhan, Sanaag, Puntland Somalia

40 unemployed youth received employment life-skills and basic introduction to vocational training in Badhan, Sanaag region,Puntland, Somalia. Training Programs included Health-care Assistance, Midwifery and Nursing, Tailoring, Computer Skills/Typing, Carpentry/Furniture Making, Auto-mechanics

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