Internally Displaced Women

Internally displaced women account the most vulnerable portion of the society. They often, unlike men, find themselves with the burden of providing for their families whose men often have either died or injured, enrolled in militancy roles in the civil war or might have immigrated elsewhere. In this context of man power vacuum for the most part, the protection, conducive environment within which to explore their potential and finally empowering women with the tools to crawl their way out of poverty constitute a pillar of what this organization (IWA) is purposed to work to. For instance, this organization provides ID Women with micro and grant money, business consulting and entrepreneurship training as well as other strategies applicable to reducing poverty. Skill-building programs are also provided as part of the larger strategy to reduce poverty. And though the program focuses women more, its intended to affect households and communities since women are the largest block of ID people and their income tends to passively impact economic improvement much more and the ripple effects on their households and communities much more efficient.


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