A container from Stevns to Puntland, Somalia

A sample of the people who have stood for the packing of used clothes and camping equipment for the Somali refugee women. The Somali IUP members live in Copenhagen and are very grateful and happy for the help that stevnsboers have provided for Somalia. Zainab Hudeidi founder and director of IWA, on the far left, goes to Somalia in December to assist in distributing IUP’s relief in the 24 refugee camps at the port city of Bosaso. There have been a total of approx. 30 people at work – half of them from Stevns.


Gjorslev: Two and a half hours work for 15 people Saturday afternoon – then the big 40 foot container in the old dairy farm at Gjorslev God’s pack was finished.

There actually appeared some people, as we have not seen before. Both citizens from Stevns and IUP members. We have packed over four times, and last time we loaded the prepackaged boxes into the container, “says Gitte Karlshøj Olsen, chairman of the humanitarian organization IUP, and residing at Gjorslev.

Completely filled, however, the container was not on Saturday.”There is still room for 18 cubic meters of dry milk, so we try to appeal to Arla Foods to get the container fully filled up,” says Gitte Karlshøj.

Among the many effects that was put in the container on Saturday is a larger amount of camping equipment that the participants of this year’s Roskilde Festival have left. It was collected after the festival by the organization, Selva Global, which donated about 1000 sleeping bags, blankets and quilts to the IUP. The equipment has been cleaned by St. Heddinge Dampvaskeri, and IUP have applied for the laundry fund to pay the laundry bill, says Gitte Karlshøj




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