Integrating Women


Integrating immigrant women in the socio-economic fabric of their new host communities does reflect on the country’s socio-economic development, improves assimilation and circumvents security and political volatilises. In short, integration immigrant women with their all their important social roles do positively impact on the social and economic development. Therefore, devising strategies and approaches to integrating immigrant women into their new hosts must be an element of central importance in featuring the policies of governments and development agencies. In world marred by radical radicalised ideologies and ethnic and religious incongruities, security and communal cohesion is best served by the integration of immigrants who are often mothers and family household heads entrusted present an important framework to achieve a real assimilation.


Integrating immigrant woman features programs that offer women with leadership development opportunities and taking part in social service and community-based areas. Preparing them to be the designers of the community-based development programs will certainly ease the integration process and positively impact on the development aspect socially and economically and the approach will certainly be through educational and training programs.


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